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What do we do and why do we do it?

We orchestrate journeys to harness the inherent therapeautic nature of our world and what it offers to us. We do this while employing a framework of resiliency training, peer support, and remote learning to create transformative outcomes that reshape lives. We do this because we are combat survivors ourselves. We carry the immeasurable scars of human conflict. Drawing on those experiences, we are forming a path towards a safer world for everyone. 


The Combat Recovery Foundation extends its services to all individuals affected by the actions of another person, encompassing a range of situations such as physical assault victims, combat veterans, law enforcement personnel, emergency medicine, survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. If you experienced any form of life threatening adversity, we are here to help you heal and overcome it. 

Our team



Marshall Spring is a Marine Corps combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, former police officer and unyielding advocate for suicide prevention. Having served on the frontlines and battled personal demons, Marshall understands the urgency of his mission. Having witnessed and experienced the toll of mental health challenges, borne from the scars of conflict, Marshall established the Combat Recovery Foundation. Through this platform we leverage the lived experience of our team to effect lasting change, in a drive to eliminate preventable suicide deaths.

Executive Director


Carly Rayburg is an avid Mental Health Advocate and researcher in Occupational Health and Safety. She has also developed and implemented mental health crisis intervention programs for middle school and high school students throughout Northern Colorado. When faced with a medical procedure that prevented her from serving in the military, she turned to serving them by training suicide prevention courses to Air Force ROTC cadets and DOD employees. She hopes to continue that effort with Combat Recovery Foundation. 

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